Police & Firefighter PENSION FUNDS


Our depth of experience representing Illinois Downstate Firefighter and Police pension funds make us uniquely qualified to advise and represent our clients with respect to the administration of pension benefits.

We understand that the benefits provided for in the Pension Code can be complex. We take the time to work with our clients to hopefully ensure that retirement, disability, and survivor benefits and cost-of-living increases are properly paid. When these benefits are not properly paid, we can advise and represent clients with respect to pension overpayments and underpayments.

Since some Pension Board clients prefer less direct contact with legal counsel, we are prepared to tailor our representation to meet each client’s specific preferences.

Our representation can include attendance at quarterly Pension Board meetings and special meetings. As such, we are fully prepared to advise Pension Board clients during their meetings with respect to pension related inquiries and Open Meetings Act issues.

Processing disability applications and conducting disability hearings is also a complex matter. We are prepared to advise our clients with respect to all issues that frequently arise during the disability process, including municipal intervention petitions, motions for recusal, “act of duty” issues, and hearsay objections. As a Pension Board’s legal counsel, we process disability applications and assemble all necessary documentation, set up independent medical examinations, conduct disability hearings, and defend Pension Board decisions in Illinois trial and appellate courts. Our attorneys have defended Pension Board decisions before Illinois District Appellate Courts and the Illinois Supreme Court.

The enforcement of municipal funding requirements is a paramount concern for many Firefighter and Police Pension Boards. We have extensive knowledge regarding municipal funding and associated tax levy issues. Our initial approach is to work with both Pension Boards and municipalities in a constructive way to educate the interested parties and to avoid pension underfunding in the first place. We also prosecute declaratory judgment actions in pension underfunding cases when necessary.

We understand that legislative amendments to the Pension Code have far-reaching implications for our clients, whether they are Pension Boards, fund participants, or fund beneficiaries. Therefore, we consistently review new legislation so that our firm and our clients remain informed.

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