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Puchalski Goodloe Marzullo, LLP is a law firm committed to the representation of Illinois’ public safety employees, police and firefighter pension boards, and the pension funds they administer. We represent a new way of providing legal advice and counsel to traditional pension and labor clients. The firm’s attorneys, all partners with a personal stake in the firm’s success, have over forty years of combined experience representing firefighter and police pension funds and handling labor and employment issues unique to firefighters and police officers. We also maintain a practice representing professional and semi-professional athletes in immigration matters. Each client and each client’s case, whether routine or complex, are important to us. Our goal is to provide effective and informed advocacy in a committed and cost effective manner. Our “Practice Areas” link provides clients and prospective clients with additional information regarding the services we provide.

At Puchalski Goodloe Marzullo, LLP, we understand that our clients expect legal expertise and value. As part of our value strategy, we are prepared to tailor our representation to meet our clients’ individual needs. Additionally, we hope to implement technology in a way that offers our clients informed updates and the value they deserve. With a focus on customer service, direct access to legal counsel, and providing our clients with timely information regarding the latest changes in labor and pension law through a variety of media forms, we believe our model helps to ensure competent representation for our pension and labor clients.

We believe that professionalism, integrity, civility, and character, in addition to legal ability, are hallmarks of a successful practice. At Puchalski Goodloe Marzullo, LLP we know that our attorneys embody these qualities. As such, we are always prepared to vigorously represent our clients’ interests in a professional manner. We believe that this approach offers our clients the best chance to hopefully avoid protracted litigation and to resolve conflicts in a constructive and cost effective manner.

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